Scan To Email from Dell Printer

How to Scan To Email from Dell Printer?

This is a blog post know scan to email on Dell laser printer with stepwise guidance by the experts. The entire process is described right here to know how to scan email on Dell laser printer and solve the printing related issues on Dell printer. If a Dell laser printer not scanning to email then […]

Machine Learning

How to Annotate Video for Machine Learning?

To annotate the Video there are my tools useful for deep learning or machine learning projects. Labelbox, Diffgram, LabelMe, RectLabel and SmartTool  are the major tools that can be used for deep learning projects. However, other techniques that can be used for Video annotation is Polygon, and bounding Boxes can be also used to annotate […]

Dell Inspiron Touch Screen

How to Fix Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Not Working

Dell is known for manufacturing and releasing at affordable cost which has been launched with innovative feature and durable hardware components also helps in avoiding any technical issues. While dell provides a combination of advanced and latest technology such as touch screen. Most of the time errors caused in Dell while using it for day […]


How to Fix Printer in Error State Windows 10?

To know how to fix printer in error state on windows 10 PC this is the right blog post that provides the complete information of troubleshooting the various types of issues causing the errors while using the printers. This is blog post that suggests a right troubleshooting process to fix printer in error state Windows […]


How to Download Training Data for Machine Learning?

To download the training data from machine vision you can find various resources available online. There are various online data based companies providing the training data for machine learning to recognize the images or texts used for machine learning. However, using such data from unreliable resources can affect the accuracy of output trained through machine […]


How to Fix Bitdefender Threat Scanner DMP Error?

This is a blog post to fix Bitdefender threat scanner error with various methods given right here by experts. These methods are described with step-by-step guidance to fix this problem and solve the issue reporting Bitdefender threat error. The troubleshooting process is given right here below suggested by the experts with nonstop online assistance to […]


How to Fix Printer Spooler Not Running?

To fix printer spooler error find here the right solution given by the printer experts. The various types of spooler related errors can be fixed with the help of instructions given right there in this blog post. The instructions are suggested by the computer experts to make sure the problem is solved and if there […]


How to Fix Dell Won’t Turn on Problem?

This is blog post to fix a Dell computer that won’t start up issue. Actually, it is providing the right solution for solving the startup related issues on Dell computer. The entire blog post is explaining how to troubleshoot the Dell computer not starting error and fix the booting related issues. And Dell users facing […]


What is Content Moderation Service?

Content Moderation service is now offered by Cogito for detecting the spam contents from the social media pages. It is providing the user generated content moderation service to filter the good contents from bad contents ensuring the brand image and reputation of a company or its products or services. Cogito do this job using the […]